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State Capitol.
Vintage postcard published circa 1915.

The right and left wing additions completed in 1912 are shown in this view. Under the shield are the Spanish words, Oro y Plata (Gold and Silver), which is the state motto.

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Montana State Capitol
Antique postcard from the private collection of Valerie Mockaitis. Published by Illustrated Post Card, New York, circa 1910.

This view shows the original building before the wing additions. The finials at the corners of the roof shown here do not appear in images of the capitol after the additions.

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The Montana State Capitol. Helena, Mont.
Antique postcard published circa 1905 by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Printed in England.

This postcard publisher was known for superior artwork, and this card is an example of the lovely results.

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Bitter Root, Montana State Flower
State Capitol, Helena, Montana

Antique postcard published circa 1910.

The verse reads:

I'm in the land of pine and air,
Of mountain squirrel and grizzly bear,
In the land of Bitter Root and Sage Brush too,
Where trout filled streams are not a few.

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  Artist's conception of the Montana state capitol

Montana State Capitol Building.
Chromolithograph Print showing 1896 architect's winning conception of the Montana state capitol building in Helena. Source: Library of Congress. Author: Geo. R. Mann.

The building in this print was never built in Montana. While the dome looks like Minnesota's or Pennsylvania's, the main structure looks like the Arkansas capitol. This design was created for Montana but later used as the basic plan for the Arkansas capitol in Little Rock where George R. Mann was a leading architect.



State Capitol, Helena Mont.
Antique leather postcard postmarked 1908.

Leather postcards were produced from about 1905 to 1910 for mailing purposes, and after for souvenirs. They were usually hand made.


  Leather postcard with sketch of Montana capitol
  Historic photo

Building the Montana state capitol.
Historic photograph circa 1900. From the Montana Historical Society.

The capitol, completed in 1902, is apparently unoccupied in this photo, since the windows are all dark. This is the rear of the building; notice there is a pediment, and there are no columns at the entrance. The earth-moving and hauling equipment came with at least six legs; four for a horse, and two for its driver.


Montana State Capitol, Helena, Mont.
Antique, embossed postcard published circa 1905 by S. Langsdorf & Co. Publishing, New York, N.Y. Made in Germany.

The intricate, embossed border is like the artwork used for greeting postcards of the time that were made without any photographic views.


  Capitol view card with a patriotic border
  Educational series postcard

Capitol, at Helena.
Antique, educational series postcard.
Copyright 1906 by E. C. Kropp, Milwaukee.

The caption reads:

Montana, Area, 146,080 Square Miles.
Admitted to the Union, Nov. 8, 1889.


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