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Capitol, Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu
Antique postcard circa 1910. Pub. Exclusively for the Island Curio Co., Honolulu, T.H.

The Iolani Palace pictured in this postcard, built 1879-1882, became the Territorial Capitol and then the Hawaii state capitol when Hawaii was granted statehood. After the current capitol was built, the Palace went back to its old name.

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Hale Ali'i, the old Palace
Historical photograph taken before 1879.

The current Iolani Palace was built on the site of the previous one, pictured here. King Kamehameha III acquired this building in 1845 for use as his palace and seat of government. At that time it was named "Hale Ali`i" and was renamed "Iolani" in 1863 by Kamehameha V in honor of his late brother. By the late 1870s, it was in poor condition and was torn down.

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The Capitol, Formerly the Royal Palace, Honolulu
Vintage linen postcard from the private collection of Valerie Mockaitis. Published circa 1940 by Curteich - Chicago.

This is one view from a packet of postcards of the Territory of Hawaii. This building was constructed to replace the one pictured above and was given the same name, Iolani Palace.

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Annexation 1898
Historical photograph.

This photo of the Iolani Palace was taken to commemorate the celebration of Hawaii's annexation as a Territory of the United States in 1898.


  1898 Annexation Celebration
  The current capitol in Honolulu

Perspective view of northeast and southeast elevations - Hawai'i State Capitol
Photograph by James W. Rosenthal, published 2007. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

This street-level image of the current capitol in Honolulu does not show the rooftop terrace or the reflecting pool around the base of the building. These and other features are surprising and symbolic of the Islands.



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